Rod & Cheryl Martin

They’ve got groove like Sonny and Cher. This dynamic duo provides an eclectic spread of expertise. There’s no other power couple like this in property.

A true meeting of minds that complements the other on every sale. With their cosmopolitan background, Rod & Cheryl bring a city edge to the local market. Over their two decade long career in the area their creative style has seen them noted as top sellers and highest profiled agents on the G.C. High energy hustle. Limitless expertise. Perfect unison. They sell to their own beat and in an industry that can be overflowing with carbon copies – this is what gets your best deal across the line.

What this means for you?

This couple’s passion for property is irresistible. They live and breathe it. Masters of team spirit you will be with them every step of the experience. And with their energy combined your real estate opportunities are about to skyrocket.