Luci Smart

Welcoming a new conversation to the industry. Luci is the creative force curating digital ambience and envisioning all your property dreams. A multi-hyphenate in nature, when she’s not sewing, surfing and hiking — she’s exploring fresh horizons in design and marketing for the real estate sect. Injecting her artistic flair into everything she does behind office doors, Luci elevates every agency touchpoint from online liaisons to client celebrations when the deal gets done. It’s this knack for matchmaking agents and clients with attuned configuration that makes her a vital asset in kickstarting any property journey.


Modernising that coastal cool, she’s here to set the record straight about what makes a gun agent tick. Spoiler alert: it’s not a corny sales pitch. Heart-led and sophisticated when it comes to real estate affairs — who said power and pleasure don’t go together.