Eric Lockhart

Humble, hungry and always the hardest worker in the room. Call him the Rock of the agency. Eric is 100% committed to your greatness. An early riser by nature, from dawn to dusk he’s got your back. His stamina starts with morning movement and the momentum only rises from there. Following up and following through, his consistent enthusiasm for sealing the deal makes all the difference when it comes to the sales process. Beyond transactions, the drive is much more personal. In the shadows, he’s the one making every touch point seamless, every interaction a dopamine kick. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the man who used to sling deals with Australia’s biggest retailers only to jump ship to show the real estate game what he’s got.

What this means for you?

Dynamic, reliable and effective— these are the pillars of strength that set a solid foundation to your property success. Never a one-size-fits-all, his versatility thrives on building a custom streamlined encounter with each and every client so you always exit feeling a million dollars (plus a hefty sum in your pocket too).